About Us

  • Welcome to the online store of Anticorrosive Equipment Pvt Ltd. Customers know us better as ANTICO pumps.

  • The need for this website has arisen keeping in mind the changing nature of business transaction in India. Over the past few years – in person marketing has become expensive while margins have been shrinking. Covid bared the reality that work was possible even without going to office.

  • Our success has been a double edged sword. While we are able to invest a major part of our sales in new products and facilities, there have been too many duplicators and fake parts/pump sellers in the market. The customer initially thought that he was getting a good deal – but duplication is a zero sum game – no one wins.

  • We want to give our customers a single window for – linear process of selection, adding to cart and paying for the parts. Quality, Interchangeability and Authenticity are Guaranteed.

  • We have been able to connect our online store with our backend ERP using the latest open source technologies. The results are just fantastic.

  • Currently the website will have parts for the older pump models like – HE EXP PPCL CPP. If we are successful in our endeavour – we will add complete pumps to the website.

  • We welcome you to experience the website. We are open to suggestions. Each part selection window has a contact us button – for you to email us if you cant find a part or we can help to make the transaction smoother.

  • We are happy to open up the website for it’s intended users – YOU!

  • Best Regards,

    Vikram Shah / Jaidev Shah